The What, Why & How of OKRs


A 90-minute online workshop to help your team learn more about OKRs.

OKR coaching for your business

AuxinOKR helps businesses across the world unlock the value of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), and experience tells us that the framework’s power lies in its practice, not its theory. Or, to put it another way — you learn OKRs by doing OKRs.

That is why we’ve launched 
The What, Why & How of OKRs, a 90-minute online OKRs workshop to help teams learn more about OKRs.

Facilitated by an experienced AuxinOKR coach, 
this interactive session will give your team members a deeper insight into Objectives and Key Results helping them to prioritise and understand how their day-to-day activity can align with your goals and actively contribute to your organisation’s success.

At £50 (+VAT) a head the workshop is ideally suited for teams of 4 to 15 people, and breaks down into three delivery phases.

1. What?

A brief history and overview of the OKRs framework.

2. Why?

Why your organisation should be using OKRs.

3. How?

How to set meaningful Objectives and measurable Key Results.

We start by organising a 15 minute set-up session in order to gain an understanding of where you are on your OKRs journey. This helps us tailor the workshop so your team get the most from it. We’ll then send you a link so you can book your 90 minute workshop. 


It’s that simple!


So whether you are new to OKRs or looking to invigorate an existing implementation, this 90-minute session will help get everyone on the same page so that together you can move forward with confidence.

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