We believe that OKRs are about having better conversations. In our podcast we talk to OKR experts and practitioners from around the world and get their actionable insights on how to succeed with OKRs.

Series 1.

In this first series Des Kennedy talks to the AuxinOKR coaches to find out more about their experience, their skills as well as their individual perspectives on how to get better results with OKRs.

Episode 1

Philip Crocker, Executive and OKR Coach

Philip Crocker talks about how coaching and OKRs can help businesses and organisations get more from their people.

Episode 2

Mark Richard, C-Suite OKR Coach

Mark Richard, Co-Founder of AuxinOKR, talks about the challenges business leaders face when introducing and embedding OKRs into their organisations.

Episode 3

Oli Deacon, Executive and OKR Coach

Oli Deacon discusses the power of numbers, how to set better Key Results and giving the gift of OKRs.

Episode 4

Francesca Nardocci, Executive and OKR Coach

Francesca Nardocci explains how OKRs can help scale-up businesses move forward with purpose and how embracing the framework can change an organisation’s culture and create better performing teams.

Episode 5

Peter Kerr, C-Suite OKR Coach

Peter Kerr, Co-founder of AuxinOKR, explains how businesses and organisations can unlock the true value of OKRs and the mindset, skillset and toolset required for OKRs success.

Episode 6

Melanie Wessels, Executive and OKR Coach

Melanie Wessels, Executive OKR Coach and founder of the OKR Forum, discusses how to keep things simple and make OKRs fun.

Episode 7

Ben Lamorte, Expert OKR Coach and Author of ‘The OKRs Field Book’

In this special episode Ben Lamorte talks about how OKRs have evolved over the years, why his latest book is an invaluable resource for OKRs coaches and reveals a new component to the OKRs mantra.

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