ScaleUp NE – OKR Programme

Introduce OKR into your business

The ScaleUp NE Programme gives ambitious businesses the support they need to drive transformational growth and recognises OKR as a key method of helping SMEs to do so.  As an endorsed Solution Provider, we’ve partnered with the Scaleup NE Team and together, we have tailored a specific package for those companies that will result in them being equipped to use the OKR methodology as the growth framework and approach to assist in their businesses success.

Progress from novice to OKR Champion


This is a four-stage programme taking a strategic leader within the business from novice to understanding the method enough to become their company’s OKR Champion.  This consists of:

Awareness Session

An overview to provide management with a high-level insight into the merits of OKRs and how they can drive successful strategy execution.

Introductory Workshop

This workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of the methods that originated at Intel, were taken up by Google and are now the goal setting tool of choice at many well-known multinational enterprises. In addition to understanding the theory, you will be given the chance to set up your own initial OKR framework in a helpful practical workshop session.

OKR Champion

Become your company’s OKR Champion.  Every company setting out to introduce OKRs needs a point person (usually called the OKR Champion) to be the focal point in ensuring the method’s adoption within a business.

Embedding OKRs

We will assist you with setting up a regular cadence of check-ins for the quarterly and weekly cycle with initial briefing meetings either in house or remotely. We will supplement this with ongoing monitoring of your progress through the use of a suitable OKR software tool.


Registered members of the Scaleup North East Programme can apply for a considerable discount towards the associated fee of £2,500. To apply for your place on the Scaleup North East Programme, below and reference OKR in the “How You Heard About Us” section and the Scaleup NE Team will be in contact shortly to assess your eligibility. If you are already on the Scaleup NE programme, just contact your Scaleup Partner for more information.

Scale up NE

RTC North is delivering Scaleup North East in partnership with North East Local Enterprise Partnership and is partly funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

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