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Helping companies create and deliver strategies for change has been a constant theme during our business advice, consultancy and training delivery over the past ten years. We spotted the potential for OKRs as the ideal tool to implement and embed business growth through transformation and now use it in all our assignments. Here are some of the enterprises we’ve worked with most recently:

OKR and Strategy

Saudi company trains OKR Master

“I attended the OKR Masters course and now I have a firm grasp of how we will be approaching our OKR implementation which will help to transform our current quarterly planning process. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found the process beneficial and found new friends with the Auxin Team.” Ahmad Alqaq - Executive Manager, Products' Integration Suite - ELM, Saudi Arabia


Gearing up for growth

"A very productive first session with Mark and Peter, helped the team gain clarity and unity as we gear up for growth. Looking forward to working with AuxinOKR closely over the next 12 months." Walter May - GlobalWelsh Founder

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Heading towards our North Star

“Working with the guys at Auxin has been excellent. Every one of the senior management team saw the value of the workshops and OKR coaching. Never boring and always thought-provoking. We now understand how we can use OKRs to steer the company towards our North Star.” Alec Dobbie - Managing Director - Fanfinders

Fanfinders →

Team Readiness to drive strategy

“We were delighted with the outcome of the work conducted by AuxinOKR and their associates. Our senior management group found the sessions insightful and helpful in gaining a better understanding of their impact as individuals and as a team in driving effective business strategy.” Dave Hall - MD - Renolit (UK)

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logo Clearswift

OKRs Energising the Exec Team

“Our first OKR workshop with Auxin energised the whole Exec team. Not only do they understand OKRs they also understand business. We’re really looking forward to working with the team in the future." Julie Gordon - SVP Human Resources - Clearswift

Clearswift →

Strategy development & execution

"We have been working with Auxin OKR for around 2 years when the business had a number of challenges. They have helped us refocus all aspects of how we work and introduced Box Model to disciplined strategy execution using OKRs. Now we are making money and doing what we are good at." Alan Easton - Managing Director - Box Model

Boxmodel →
feeld logo

Getting the 'Aha!' moment

For a young and successful business, strategic planning had not previously been prioritised. With our support, Feeld managers developed actionable rooftop and quarterly goals for their dating app business, seeking to recruit new members in a sensitive and safe environment. Kyle Brennan, Finance and Operations lead said of the introduction and implementation of OKRs: 'Working with Auxin was great and totally turned around how we viewed OKRs. It was a new concept to many on our team and they managed to provide that ‘Aha!’ moment that just made things click.'

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decide image

Heading in the right direction...

"We are a long established business serving some of the World's largest brands, but we recognised that we needed a business 'reboot' in order to meet the challenges that the future presents to our industry. We have been stimulated, challenged and channeled and now feel we are heading in the direction our business needs to go". Michael Pagan - Associate Director - Decide

Decide →

Challenging the thinking.

“We enjoyed the challenge laid down by the team from Auxin, who took an objective view to challenge us and stimulate our thinking. Their processes, tools and insight were truly valuable to us and formed a backbone for the engagement. We are engaged with Auxin on an ongoing basis in the development of Wordnerds which we see leading to a significant scaling into a world leading product”. Pete Daykin - Managing Director - Wordnerds

Wordnerds →

Focusing to achieve aspirational growth.

"A big thank you for the session today. We now fully understand the mechanics of the business and feel that even after two short sessions, we have a logical and detailed plan to invest time and resource in the right areas to achieve aspirational growth." James Neiland - Managing Director - Skills Office Network

Skills Office Network →

Coaching Services

rtc logo

OKR Training & Coaching

"We are working with Auxin on several OKR training and coaching projects. We always receive excellent feedback from our clients. They always deliver and I’m happy to recommend them highly for either OKR training or coaching." Jamie Ollivere - Managing Director - RTC

MHW logo

Strategy Validation

"Having worked alongside Auxin on a number of important client projects we have found their approach to be fresh, creative and highly engaging. They are one of the business partners we have worked with who actually delivers. They can genuinely think around a problem and help identify an opportunity or idea that would never have been spotted. Auxin's innovative ideas have been critical in the successful delivery of several valuable communications projects. I look forward to working with them on the next project." Wayne Halton - Director - MHW PR

Blu Sky Chartered Accountants

OKR Training

"We worked with Auxin OKR to deliver a series of digital transformation and OKR workshops. Feedback from our clients was excellent. Lots of lightbulb moments during the sessions. We use OKRs ourselves and we could immediately see the value in using the framework to deliver business transformation strategies using digital technologies. Everyone at Blu Sky really enjoyed working with the Auxin team and we’d recommend them highly." Dave Gibson - Co-Founder - Blu Sky Chartered Accountants

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