Uncomfortable Truths & New Opportunities

3 High impact workshops designed to help North East Businesses plan and prosper in an uncertain world.

Delivered by Scaleup NorthEast and AuxinOKR.

The purpose of this programme is to help forward-looking businesses to think about the challenges they will face during the next 18 months and create a robust strategy to confront these challenges and then execute the plan effectively.

These sessions will not provide a secret sauce. They will require some tough decisions to be made and then acted upon, but most of all, they will need you, the leader of the business to embrace change.  Now is the time to commit to building a different future for your business in a world that has changed forever.

If you want to shape the future of your business, rather than be shaped by it, these workshops will provide a strategic framework based on critical thinking and agile principles that will enable you to control your own destiny.


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These workshops will take place in November 2020. Send us your details and we'll let you know how and when these sessions will be delivered.

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