Re-ignite your OKRs

Getting you back on track and moving in the right direction.

Are your OKRs not delivering the results you’d hoped? There could be a number of reasons for this. We are here to help get you back on track. Our consultants can conduct an audit of your existing OKR framework and your approach to it. Interviewing your stakeholders, surfacing the issues and unearthing barriers to success. While our ongoing tailored coaching and training will help make your future direction clear and put the power of business transformation back  into your hands.

OKR Reboot 

An intensive one-day session designed to re-ignite your OKRs. Two of our most experienced practitioners will conduct a thorough audit of your existing OKR framework. We’ll interview all main stakeholders such as your CEO, Senior Management Team and Departmental Heads. We’ll check the focus, alignment and relevance of your defined Key Results, as well as your approach to the process and the pace of implementation. We’ll then provide you with a short yet insightful report on our findings and a set of clear recommendations on how you can change direction to achieve the positive outcomes you are looking for.

OKR Coaching 

So you’ve mastered the basics and now want to embed OKRs into your organisation, so your ambitious goals become more than just a wish-list. Active members of the OKR Coaching Network, we deliver ongoing OKR coaching to clients on-site and remotely. Our experts will help you put theory into practice and explore what is possible. Ensuring you avoid common mistakes such as overreaching and overcomplicating things when planning. We’ll help you address internal resistance and provide hands-on advice and guidance through the critical early stages of implementation. Regularly reviewing your goals, key results and tasks and advising you on the weekly, monthly and annual cadence of successful OKRs, we’ll guide you along the way on your journey towards success. 

OKR Training

OKRs are all about making the complex simpler, so, on the face of it, mastering them should be simple too. There are lots of learning resources available that can help you understand the methodology but in our experience, few master the technique quickly. This is because leadership, staff and their teams are too close to the business’s day-to-day operations to take an objective view of it, so often end up setting the wrong objectives and losing heart and enthusiasm when things start to flounder. A professional OKR training will get you there far quicker, saving time and money. Delivering a tangible return on investment our training courses are CPD accredited, and our coaches are certified by the International Coaching Federation.

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