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Auxin Three Day OKR Master Course

Every company setting out to introduce, implement and embed OKRs needs an OKR champion, someone with a basic grasp of the principles who will act as a point person and be the focal point in the business. But as the method becomes more widely adopted throughout the company the need arises for a real expert on hand. To meet this requirement Auxin has developed an OKR Master Course.  The Master oversees and drives OKR planning, and reviews the entire framework and key results. They will be competent and able to train OKR champions who will themselves take the lead at company, department or subsidiary level.

Our experience has shown that not all companies have the necessary cultural preconditions for success and this course will also show how remedial workshops can ensure key stakeholders and participants understand and are open to the process.

OKR Master Award

OKR Master student Ahmad Ali Alqaq receives his certificate having attended and successfully completed a three day Master’s Course with AuxinOKR.

We will include the following topics:

  • The history, theory and practice of the technique, using appropriate and memorable examples to ensure complete understanding.
  • OKRs and Agile. OKRs’ place in the wider business planning process.
  • AuxinOKR’s three-stage introduction, implementation and embed model.
  • The “big rocks” analogy and how OKRs differ from business as usual. The value of business focus.
  • Alignment with vision, mission, strategic objectives. Lazlo’s mission, transparency and voice (MTV) theory.
  • Choosing the best OKRs to deliver customer value. The why not the what.
  • Setting up and running workshops, pre-workshop planning, engaging the right participants, overseeing remedial action. Weekly stand-ups and quarter-end reviews.
  • OKR planning templates.
  • Setting OKRs, cascading vs bottom-up methods. The “Moonshot”, “Rooftop” and Quarterly triptych.
  • Selecting appropriate metrics. Leading vs lagging indices. The concept of “Stretch” and the proven link between measurement and performance improvement.
  • Why people confuse key results and tasks, and how to remedy this common mistake.
  • Tracking OKR progress. OKRs vs KPIs, the essential difference.
  • CFRs, quarterly and annual recognition of success.
  • Oversight and overview: what to look out for at the early stages to ensure a smooth introduction and comprehensive embedding within the company.
  • Working with and managing OKRs vertically within, and horizontally across departments.
  • The Product Management function and OKRs.
  • The role qualities of a good coach. Offering support and guidance without taking over the process. Keeping the CEO on board.
  • Identifying potential in house OKR champions. Onboarding colleagues.
  • How to ensure senior management (especially the C-suite) is committed and supportive. Why this is critically important.
  • OKRS and HR, the need to keep OKRs separate from performance reviews
  • OKR Framework Software, we demonstrate some examples we work with and why.
  • OKRs as a developing discipline, self-help and the value of OKR communities.
  • FAQs and avoiding the common pitfalls.
  • Ongoing support and advice services from Auxin


AuxinOKR’s three-day Master’s course will set you well on your way to becoming an expert. We will provide you with reading lists, video links, presentation materials and templates for future use in your business.

Course details

This three-day course runs from 10am to 5pm over the first two days and until 3pm on the third day. We include mid-morning and mid-afternoon refreshments plus a cold buffet lunch on all three days.



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