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Become your company’s OKR Champion

Every company setting out to introduce OKRs needs a point person (usually called the OKR Champion) to be the focal point in ensuring the method’s adoption within a business. Typically, this function may reside with HR (given its cross-functional oversight) but equally effectively may be vested with the product management function. Wherever the responsibility lies it must always have the support of the company’s main sponsor, ideally the CEO or COO. The OKR Champion provides the expert support and monitoring of regular quarterly OKR setting, its weekly cadence and if necessary, oversight and overview of whichever proprietary software the company has chosen to use.

Essential attributes of the OKR champion are 100% commitment to the process and a deep understanding of its nuances. They need to be strong-willed, resolute and enthusiastic as particularly during the early introductory stages the challenges are many albeit the outcomes will be worth the effort. Our experience has shown that not all companies have the necessary cultural preconditions for success and therefore remedial workshops to ensure key stakeholders and participants understand and are open to the process may be necessary.

The Champion’s principal responsibility is to maintain and oversee the OKR framework ensuring its successful integration within the business’s regular cycle of planning and review. Completer-finishers apply here!

Our one-day OKR Champion courses will help you explore the practicalities of overseeing the methodology within your company whilst also establishing the softer skills required in this critically important role.

We will include the following topics:

  •      The theory and practice of the technique, the use of appropriate examples to ensure complete understanding.
  •      The “big rocks” model vs business as usual.
  •      The role of the Champion as a Coach, not as the owner. Offering support and guidance without taking over the process. Keeping the CEO on board.
  •      Aligning with the vision, mission, strategic objectives. Lazlo’s mission, transparency and voice (MTV) as a touchstone.
  •      Selecting appropriate metrics. Leading vs lagging indices.
  •      Clarity around the differences between key results and tasks.
  •      Choosing OKRs to deliver customer value. The why not the what.
  •      Setting best practice, ensuring discipline from Day 1
  •      Oversight and overview: what to look out for at the early stages to ensure a smooth introduction and comprehensive embedding within the company.
  •      Working and managing vertically and horizontally within departments.
  •      Ensuring senior management (especially the C-suite) are onboard and supportive.
  •      Setting up and running workshops, pre-workshop planning, engaging the right participants, overseeing remedial action.
  •      Software opportunities and challenges.
  •      Onboarding colleagues.
  •      CRFRs, quarterly and annual recognition of success.
  •      OKRs as a developing discipline, self-help and OKR communities.

AuxinOKR’s one day Champion course will not make you an expert, but it will give you a solid base and framework enabling you to provide critically important help, encouragement and expertise for your business whilst setting OKRs on the right course.



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