OKR Training

Mastering OKRs should be easy, after all, it’s a simple enough acronym and everyone knows what objectives and key results mean in plain English.  Often that’s just where the problem begins as the selection of objectives, their ambition and their relationship with the company’s strategy has to be a carefully informed choice from the outset.  Key results themselves need to be relevant, measurable and ideally linked to customer value for maximum effect.

Whilst getting this right is, of course, possible without any help, few will master the technique easily and common pitfalls trap many who lose heart, faith and enthusiasm when things start to flounder. More of an art than a science, reading around the subject will give you the basics but sound training courses conducted by seasoned practitioners will get you there far quicker, saving time and money in the long run.

Help Available

What are OKRs? – Some background reading on the subject.

Awareness Sessions – A FREE 90-minute introduction to OKRs overview session aimed at businesses who are new to the OKR goal setting framework.

Open Courses – Chargeable courses to take you from starting the journey with OKR to becoming your company’s OKR expert.  With courses to suit your needs from:

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