Reboot Your OKRs

Aimed at businesses who’ve yet to get the best from their OKRs.

We’ve designed this 1-day intensive reboot to help those businesses who’ve tried OKRs but haven’t seen the hoped-for results.

Any number or combination of factors may be the root cause; two of our most experienced practitioners will first conduct a thorough offsite audit of your existing OKR framework before spending a full day at your offices timetabling sessions with all the main OKR stakeholders.

These may include (but not be limited to) the local CEO, Senior Management Team and Departmental Heads as appropriate.

We will check on focus, alignment, suitability and relevance of the defined Key Results, team and leadership commitment, the adoption approach used and the pace of the OKR implementation, local skill sets and understanding of the concept including the use of any proprietary software you may be using.

At the end of our day with you we will precis our findings and follow this with a short but hard-hitting written summary of findings and recommendations to get your OKRs back on track.

This review is chargeable.  Help regain your faith in OKR and redirect you on to a path of success.

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