Plan Your OKR Project

Aimed at businesses who are new to the OKR goal setting framework

A one-day overview to provide management with a high-level insight into the merits of OKRs and how they can drive successful strategy execution. We include a practical OKR goal setting session to provide hands-on experience in creating an OKR framework including the ‘as measured by’ key results needed to monitor progress. A typical one-day programme would look like this:

1. Introducing OKRs – covering the following:

  • The origin and precise meaning of Objectives, Key Results and Tasks
  • The OKR Superpowers: Focus, Alignment, Stretching Ambitions and Tracking.
  • How and why OKRs are so effective
  • Why does your company need them?
  • What do great objectives look like?
  • How to develop effective key results; Choosing the best metrics
  • How to set and review supporting tasks
  • The role of the OKR Champion

2. Strategy Exchange

An interactive session with senior management to understand the key elements of the company’s business plan (Auxin OKR coaches need to have some insight into the overall business strategy in order to help senior management draft and define appropriate and ambitious OKRs in the subsequent workshop).  In some situations where the strategy definition requires development or clarification bespoke strategy development may be relevant.

3. Exploring OKRs

  • An exploratory workshop with the designated group to embed a thorough understanding of the theory of OKRs and the important processes to follow to ensure a successful introduction.
  • We will help you scope and draft OKRs for long term (Moonshot), annual (Rooftop) and short-term (Quarterly) goal setting in your company.
  • We will use our own examples and share our own OKR experiences including some common pitfalls.
  • Using our own methods and templates we will introduce the tools and templates needed including an overview of the value of supporting OKR software.

4. Wrap up:

A review of the day’s progress, an opportunity to determine the progress made and recommend next steps as appropriate. We

PDF: PLAN your OKR Project – AGENDA

Next phase

Introduction of OKR at company and departmental levels

2. Implement OKR

Workshop agenda

suggested agenda for the session