Implement OKR

Implementing OKRs

This marks the beginning of your OKR journey. We kick off these sessions in a workshop setting for maximum involvement and participation. The intended outcome is a set of OKRs including your organisation’s Annual and Quarter1 goals.

Over an agreed period, we will repeat this process as required at Department and Team level, seeking to establish OKR Champions amongst staff across the business.

1. Introduction: Scene Setting

  • Set objectives and expectations of workshop outcomes. (usually Auxin and Senior Management)
  • Understand the outline business strategy including three-year and one-year ambitions.
  • Goal setting exercise
  • Conversation and Feedback
  • Explore the main challenges to be overcome in setting an appropriate goal

2. Overview of OKRs including:

Introduction to Objectives & Key Results as a Management Tool.

  • The Provenance and Precise Definition of Objectives, Key Results and Tasks.
  • OKRs’ Superpowers: Focus, Alignment, Stretching Ambitions and Tracking.
  • Successful OKR examples.

3. Confirmation and Socialising the Company Business Strategy (All)

4.OKR Workshop, covering the following topics:

We will begin by asking everyone to submit the one “Rooftop” objective they think the company should focus on one year out given the company’s mission, vision and strategy.

This is the really big rock everyone needs to get behind and work towards.

  • Review the Annual Objective Suggestions. We will shortlist up to three.
  • Key Result Metrics. Develop up to three KRs for each of the three Objectives.
  • Set Key Result Values. Next, we will set metrics for the Key Results.
  • Evaluate Work. Review the final OKRs set. Are these objectives aspirational and inspirational? Do the KRs make sense? Are they going to stretch us?

Framework: We will populate our Auxin OKR worksheet as we go along.

Alignment: Now having agreed the Company OKRs for the year how do these translate into Departmental level OKRs?

Setting Quarterly Objectives: As above but closer to home what are the immediate OKRs we need to consider for the next quarter?

Quarterly Key Results Metrics: For each of the quarterly objectives we will help shape the measurements marking progress towards company and departmental OKRs.  Next, we will set values for the Quarterly OKRs.

Supporting Tasks: Now we’ve set the goals we can begin to focus on the activities needed to move needles on the measurement gauges.

Tracking the Weekly Progress: What steps are taken to make projects happen (priorities) week by week?

OKRs should always be shared and communicated through a suitable and appropriate means. Our ongoing support will continue for as long as you need through software sharing and remote conferencing.

After implementation we move to embedding the principle within the business:

Next phase

Ensuring business readiness for OKR self sustainability

3. Embedding OKR