Our OKR (Objectives and Key Results) growth programme has been designed to help ambitious businesses take that next step and achieve their full growth potential. 

This is an individually delivered framework engagement which is:

  • Built around a staged developmental structure
  • Executed with proven, innovative methods
  • Tracked with contemporary online tools
  • Delivered by a team of business growth specialists with broad experience and engaging approach
  • Integrated across the business – and not just with the Principal

Working with the right organisation, we

  • Inspire clear, innovative, strategic direction 
  • Identify and develop valuable business assets
  • Set goals and monitor progress to drive achievement through OKR
  • Build confidence and ability within the leadership
  • Enable measurement of implemented improvements

The process occurs over a period of time, depending upon the urgency, the commitment of the whole team and the tasks involved.  Indicative timescales are detailed next to the stages below. 


The Programme consists of the following sessions:

  1. Engage: Establishing communication and sharing tools and determining the activity schedule
  2. Clarify: Verifying the business ambition and longer-term vision (may require DEVELOP phase)
  3. Objective:Setting the immediate and mid-term priorities, goals and tasks through our business asset review
  4. Organise: Establish OKR system, set sessions, objectives, key results, tasks and teams required
  5. Develop: Share the approach with the team, commence OKR session, provide coaching and regular engagement
  6. Embed: Review the achievements and approach taken, tune, set next OKRs and proceed to the next session


These are examples of resources used within the process:

Engagement Process Schematic A summary of the key stages of implementation

Develop Quarterly OKRs A guide for productive OKR development meetings

OKR Framework OKR definition tool to tune OKRs prior to adoption in OKR system