ENABLE the required capability

You know where you’re at and you now know what’s needed.  Our ENABLE Services are there to deliver it for you. 

  • Service provision– access to function-specific services to deliver short-term projects
  • Asset build– introduction to trusted specialists to help build your key business assets
  • Awareness– of current business developments and approaches from expert practitioners

Service Provision

Access to function-specific services to help deliver short-term projects, to include:

Interim Director Helping business leaders manage their organisation through a period of transformation or provide a specialised skill which a business may not have.

Sales & Marketing Management With a wide range of sales and marketing expertise, we have the capacity to offer support in the following areas:

  • Sales Management methodology
  • Sales Team structure and recruitment
  • Sales Team coaching
  • Quota setting
  • Commission and bonus planning
  • Presenting and pitching

Operations Management For day-to-day organisation and coordination of services and resources, we can assist with:

  • Planning, implementation, development of sales and operational systems
  • Route-to-market & operational process mapping

Financial Management To improve capability in finance and cash flow management and producing better management information, we help with:

  • Financial planning and investment requirements
  • Delivery and implementation of effective accounting and commercial practices
  • Fundraising
  • Grant and loan acquisition
  • Performance reporting

People and Culture If the leadership aren’t truly unified and share the same goals and can honestly work effectively together, the business will struggle.  We help with:

  • Leadership support
  • Organisation structure and team building
  • Team management

Asset Build

Based upon the gaps identified through our asset review process we will provide very specific introductions to trusted specialists to help build your key business assets.  There will be no need to revisit specification design or worry about conflicting capabilities.  Our trusted specialists are defined that way for a reason with capabilities in:

  • IP Protection – to protect why you are different and special
  • Brand Management – to become known, liked and trusted
  • Market Generation – building predictability and repeatability
  • Product Management – delivering consistent value to clients
  • Systems Development – to make your business repeatable and predictable to run
  • People / Culture – to build high performing teams
  • Finance & Investment – accessing funding for your business


These are our broad range of awareness seminars which cover current business developments and approaches from expert practitioners, designed to inform you and your team.  They can be delivered in any format required: one-one, small group, even lecture theatre.

  • Developing a scale-up ready business
  • Accelerating business growth through OKR
  • How to implement digital transformation
  • Presenting to motivate
  • Marketing for sales
  • Introduction to product management
  • Account management
  • Product management
  • Consultative selling