DEVELOP the plan for growth

Business success demands a winning strategy delivered by a tightly knit team owning a clear customer proposition.

Our journey starts with a validation of your existing plan and its readiness for execution through OKRs. As you might expect, we regularly come across promising propositions failing through lack of focus or poor planning. Some businesses struggle to put their unique points of difference into a simple positioning statement for every stakeholder to get behind.  Worse still is the executive team that ring-fences its plan and yet expects flawless delivery by others.

Through our unique DEVELOP process, you and your team will know exactly where you are and where the priorities lie.

This consists of:

  1. Purpose: What is the motivation behind the idea, or purpose of the organisation?
  2. Innovation: What needs to be created, developed or restructured?
  3. Adoption: What are the market’s alternative choices?
  4. Process: Define the visual business model of the planned operation
  5. Timeline: What are the key phases of execution?
  6. People: Determine the human involvement and challenges faced from all stakeholders
  7. Commercial: Derive the financial model for operating and scaling the business
  8. Measurement: Determine how success will be tracked and measured
  9. Presenting: Develop how the story will be told to share the ambition

This results in a combination of support media which can include:

  • Proposition presentation and video
  • Commercial tools and reports
  • Business Blueprint TM visual route-to-market planning


These are examples of resources used to develop specific examples for you, or to paint a picture  to help understanding:

DEVELOP Workshop Agenda The framework used as an agenda for implementing the DEVELOP process (request an editable file)

Business Blueprint  This is a master which we use to develop your version.  You can find out more here

Objective Plan A framework to create your timed major objective plan

Draft Budget This is an example of a simple budget/forecast tool

Proposition Presentation  A framework for creating a business summary presentation

Sharing Tools The tools that optimise team sharing and communication – as well as the OKR platform too