ASSESS where you need to go 

The first stage in our journey of discovery is our assessment process. This is a combination of a 2-hour face-to-face discovery session combined with on-line benchmarking.  This enables us to together, to determine the status of your business and to jointly appraise the fit and relevance of working together.  We will discover together:

  • What you do, where you are at
  • What needs doing
  • The potential to do it
  • Whether together, we are the right people to do it with

The preparation for this meeting commences with determination of your preparedness through the completion of the online surveys.  Don’t worry, these are not onerous (10 questions maximum) and are securely held. They will provoke self-searching and help start the process of the development of value within your business. They will also provide a benchmark for you, and as they are repeated throughout longer engagement we will be able to jointly monitor development.

Business Assessment Surveys

You will need to complete these surveys in advance:

This service includes a summary report and your assessment result. This will enable you to confirm engagement to proceed to the next stage – to develop a clear vision for the business and recommended action plan, or we will provide advice of the areas of development to be focused upon.

This session will enable you to understand first-hand the way we work and determine how our capabilities can help you to build value within your business. 


This is the format of the report published as a result of the ASSESS Process:

Initial Meeting Perception Review

Business Assessment Summary

Here is how we jointly track progress through our work together:

Engagement Summary