Embedding OKRs

Embed OKR

At this stage you will be looking to ensure that OKRs are widely understood and adopted throughout your company. All Departments should have their own OKRs, all in alignment with the company’s annual and longer-term goals.

We will assist you with setting up a regular cadence of check-ins for the quarterly and weekly cycle with initial briefing meetings either in house or remotely. We will supplement this with ongoing monitoring of your progress through the use of a suitable OKR software tool.

How long to introduce, implement and embed OKRs depends on the size of the business. We don’t recommend individual OKRs and always resist tying them to individual performance reviews.

So just how long our Embed assignment with you lasts and how extensive it is will be a matter for discussion once we reach this stage. For this and more information on all our OKR training and coaching services contact us now:

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