Strategy Validation

Business success demands a winning strategy delivered by a tightly knit team owning a clear customer proposition.

Our journey starts with the validation of your existing plan and its readiness for execution through OKRs. As you might expect, we regularly come across promising propositions failing through lack of focus or poor planning. Some businesses struggle to put their unique points of difference into a simple positioning statement for every stakeholder to get behind.  Worse still is the executive team that ring-fences its plan and yet expects flawless delivery by others.

Through our unique process, you and your team will know exactly where you are and where the priorities lie.

This consists of validation of the following areas:

  • Purpose: What is the motivation behind the idea, or purpose of the organisation?
  • Innovation: What makes the proposition unique? What needs to be created or developed to make it so?
  • Adoption: What are the market’s alternative choices?
  • Timeline: What are the key phases of execution?
  • Process: What does a visual model of the method of operation from business purpose to testimony look like?
  • People: What are the key HR issues; is there clear structure?
  • Commercial: What does the financial model look like for operating and scaling the business over the next three years?
  • Measurement: How is progress and achievement tracked and measured?
  • Presentation: How compelling is the story and how effective are the storytellers?

We will help you answer these questions with facilitated workshops and a flexible agenda.  We seek clarity and focus where there was formerly uncertainty and poor communication.

Together we will deliver:

  • A dynamic business plan model using market leading asset tracking and task planning software
  • Access to a suite of proven commercial tools, models and reports developed and tested in over 10 years of business development support
  • Business Blueprint A visual route-to-market document
  • A proposition presentation and/or video

Our clients tell us our dynamic strategic plans are so much more effective than traditional ‘hard copy’ tomes gathering dust on bookshelves.  Dynamic yes, because we all know the traditional business plan rarely survives its first encounter with a serious customer.

This forms the basis of an effective OKR engagement strategy.