Team Readiness

Unlocking the potential of the team

Our strategy exchange with the Programme Lead often uncovers opportunities to improve the effectiveness of team behaviour at board or senior management level. This short programme of senior management development half-day workshops is focussed on the culture and effectiveness of teams especially when managers are drawn from across disciplines and business functions.

These tailored sessions are designed to help your designated group (e.g. board, senior management, department heads) become more self-aware. Individuals will recognise the impact they make and the roles they play as leaders in their own areas of responsibility, and as members of high performing teams across the business.

The three-half day sessions are as follows:

Enhanced Self Awareness

An introductory session based on completion of the Clarity 4D psychometric survey method including individual reports and a group feedback workshop. We will explore how managers see themselves and how others see them. We will unlock areas of hidden potential and propose methods for self-development forming useful and effective habits for personal and career development.

Exploring Management Team Skills

Identifying the professional needs and wants of individuals and the group. An exploratory session, this part of the programme looks at the developmental needs of the individual and the group providing coaching at individual and group level. With a greater understanding of individual, colleague and team dynamics the group will be set the task of addressing shared company challenges in a workshop setting.

Strengthening Team Dynamics and Culture

This third and wrap up session focusses on the future capability and culture of the management team geared towards developing a high-performance team. We will help the team set its own culture and expectations for a successful OKR rollout agreeing a code of practice and recognising the unique contribution each department can make in supporting company OKRs.