Case study No.3

An established consumer brand

The challenges

Our client is a not-for-profit organisation that champions the cause of those it helps and provides advice to millions of people each year across its physical and digital channels. Like many other not-for-profits, COVID-19 means the organisation now finds itself operating in a rapidly changing, challenging environment. As a result, the executive team realised that if their brand is to stay relevant, they need to shift focus and develop a clear strategy for growth and get everyone on board to create a sustainable business model.

Our approach

After an initial ‘chemistry’ meeting with two of our coaches, AuxinOKR was engaged to help the leadership team discover more about OKRs and how to embed them across their organisation to maximise results.

We began by introducing the executive team to OKRs and establishing a shared understanding of what they are and (importantly) what they are not.

We then facilitated more sessions in which we outlined the parameters of OKRs within their organisation — agreeing at what level to position them and how they should align with their corporate purpose, mission and vision. This lead to an agreed ‘playbook’, a document that clearly outlined our approach and how and where we should focus our efforts.

We then identified the people within the organisation responsible for championing OKRs and who would own each agreed objective and key result.

Through a series of workshops with the relevant teams across the organisation, we ‘surfaced the issues’ identifying where the priorities should lie and what behaviours needed to change.

The workshops led to a simple yet powerful one-page document spelling out what needs to be done, by whom and when. Thus, providing clarity across the organisation and ensuring everyone involved is (literally) on the same page.

The outcome

Our work together helped our client identify their priorities and re-align their activity to their corporate purpose and mission. In turn, this has enabled them to identify the key areas where change needs to happen if they are to achieve their objectives. Each filtering down into vital activities and leading to annual and quarterly OKRs with clear leading indicators and agreed metrics by which they can measure progress.

Retaining us on an ongoing basis, AuxinOKR continues to advise the leadership team through regular check-ins.

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