Case study No.1

A fast growing SaaS business

The challenges

More and more businesses worldwide are turning to Software as a Service (SaaS) to help meet their operational needs. Our client recognised this and developed a solution that ensures firms large and small can manage their online services in the easiest and most economical way possible. Their innovation was immediately recognised, leading to them securing over £230 million in venture capital funding to support their growth plans. The business is headquartered in the US and India but has engineers, marketers, and business development teams spread across the globe. So leadership knows they need to ensure everyone shares a common purpose and understands how their work contributes to the company’s overall mission.

Our approach

After an initial meeting with our coaches, the leadership team recognised how the AOKR approach could help them achieve alignment across their business — engaging us to work with them to devise and implement a bespoke OKR solution designed to specifically meet their needs.

We began by conducting one-to-one discussions with the executive team, identifying where their challenges lay and how we could help them focus on the things that would make the most significant difference to their business. We then agreed on their topline mission and purpose and broke this down into simplified emotive language that could be easily understood and remembered internally across a geographically dispersed workforce.

Because they are used to working for a fast-growing, disruptive business and thinking on their feet, the teams took to OKRs with relish. And, it wasn’t long before OKR champions were in place and individuals from across the business were making meaningful and insightful contributions to the workshops.

The outcome

Our work together led to an agreement on clearly defined long-term, annual, and quarterly OKRs. Identifying who will be responsible for the results, how they will share them and how progress is measured. The process has brought alignment and clarity across the company. Thus, enabling the leadership team to move forward with confidence and build their reputation as a leader in their category.

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