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Our OKR coaching is designed to ease you through those challenging but all-important early steps to successful implementation.

If you want OKRs to work. Work with

As a business leader, you know success depends on continually delivering value to your customers. But in an ever-changing competitive landscape where there are so many things you could do – where should you focus your efforts? How can you get everyone pulling in the same direction? And what is the fastest way to achieve the results you need?


AuxinOKR can help.

AuxinOKR (AOKR) are executive business coaches. Forward-thinking businesses across the globe turn to us when looking to embed Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) into their organisations. A collaborative, measurable goal-setting framework, OKRs are used by some of the world’s fastest-growing companies. Our unique approach will help you align your thinking, get more from your people and achieve the positive outcomes you want to see.

Why AuxinOKR?

A different perspective

We are fellow explorers. We’ll help you see your world with different eyes and work with you to achieve results you haven’t seen before. Engage us and together we’ll unearth real value. We’ll help you discover something new, something different, something that can be truly transformational. Guiding you down new pathways, we’ll introduce you to new ways of thinking and if we come up against barriers to success – we’ll find another way around.


Clarity and understanding

Together we will create an environment where your people are driven by a desire to achieve. Where everyone is aligned behind a clear set of shared objectives. Engaged, inspired and motivated they’ll enjoy working together to achieve outstanding results. Involved, empowered with a true sense of ownership, they’ll know where the business is headed, and importantly, understand their role in getting you there.


From theory to execution

AOKR will coach your business, not a generic model. How often have you seen business coaching models remain unrealised? Not with AuxinOKR. We’ll help you make the leap from strategy to tangible results. Applying our measured and measurable approach to your real-world situation, we’ll set the direction and provide you with a clear roadmap to success. Working with you to ensure OKRs become second nature.

Engage AOKR and you'll be in good company

We believe that OKRs are about having better conversations. In our podcast we talk to OKR experts and practitioners from around the world and get their actionable insights on how to succeed with OKRs.

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