AuxinOKR are executive business coaches. Forward-thinking leaders across the world turn to us when looking to embed Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) into their organisations. A collaborative, measurable goal-setting framework, OKRs will help you align your thinking, get more from your people and achieve the positive outcomes you want to see.

We focus on three areas


Getting everyone on the same page
Lighting the OKRs fire with the executive and leveraging this enthusiasm to drive engagement with the other members of the senior leadership team and across your organisation.


Learning by doing
Tailored coaching, training, support and resources that will give your team the skills they need to build their OKRs muscle and shape how your organisation utilises the framework.

Making OKRs into a habit

Embedding the right systems, processes and procedures to ensure OKRs are used proactively, consistently and transparently across your organisation.  

We’ll help your business

Embrace and embed OKRs
Make the best start to your OKRs journey using our unique 4P implementation method of preparation, people, process and progress with the guidance and support of our coaches.
Optimise and scale OKRs
Have your current use of OKRs health-checked and work with our experienced coaches to improve how your OKRs are deployed so you can scale them across your organisation.
Leverage leadership buy-in

Our OKRs leadership coaching focuses on how to position OKRs within the organisation and develop an implementation strategy that will inspire your people and deliver the impact you seek.

We believe that OKRs are about having better conversations. In our podcast we talk to experts and practitioners from around the world and get their actionable insights on how to succeed with OKRs.

Engage us and you'll be in good company

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